How Do Care Leather Dog Leash ,Collar,Harnesses & Muzzles

leather dog leash teach dog


Your Item Is Ready To Use Straight. Here Are Some Tips On How To Get The Most Out Of Your Leather Dog Leash ,Collar,Harnesses & Muzzles.

If It Gets Wet

Dry It Up Using A Clean Cloth And Let It Dry (Sitting Flat) At Room Temperature. Drying It Too Fast (With A Blow Dryer) Will Make The Leather Stiff And Brittle.

If It Gets Dry

Apply Leather Conditioner With A Soft Cloth - Work It Into The Leather Using A Circular Motion Until It Is Fully Absorbed.

If It Gets Dirty

Wipe Off The Dirty With A Clean Cloth And Use Some Leather Conditioner To Clean The Tough Stains. The Combination Of Soap, Oil, And Beeswax Helps Keep The Leather Clean - And The Beeswax Helps Repel Water.


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