What Payment Methods Do You Accept?

We Accept Visa, Mastercard And Shopify Pay.

What Currency Do You Charge?

What Currency Do You Charge?
We Charge In Usd And The Charge Will Show Up On Your Credit Card Statement From Jupuda.

How Long Will It Take To Get My Package, And How Much Does It Cost?

We Have All That Information On Our Shipping Page. Check Out Our Shipping Page For More Details.

How Can I Return Or Exchange A Product?

We Have A 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee On All Products. Check Out Our Refund Policy Page For More Details.

How Do I Care For My Leather Leash Or Collar?

Your Item Is Ready To Use Straight Out Of The Box. Here Are Some Tips On How To Get The Most Out Of Your Leather Dog Leash or Collar

If It Gets Wet

Dry It Up Using A Clean Cloth And Let It Dry (Sitting Flat) At Room Temperature. Drying It Too Fast (With A Blow Dryer) Will Make The Leather Stiff And Brittle.

If It Gets Dry

Apply Leather Conditioner With A Soft Cloth - Work It Into The Leather Using A Circular Motion Until It Is Fully Absorbed.

If It Gets Dirty

Wipe Off The Dirty With A Clean Cloth And Use Some Leather Conditioner To Clean The Tough Stains. The Combination Of Soap, Oil, And Beeswax Helps Keep The Leather Clean - And The Beeswax Helps Repel Water.